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23 Nov 2017

Creating the perfect Ballet Bun for class

Learn how to create the easy but perfect ballet bun for class, taught by former Senior Artist for the Australian Ballet Felicia Palanca!


  1. Brush their hair straight
  2. Pull the hair in to a ponytail at the peak of the head
  3. Use 1-2 elastics to tie it up
  4. Apply hairspray
  5. Brush stray bits towards ponytail
  6. Pull ponytail out and re-tie
  7. Fluff ponytail up a bit
  8. Roll pony in to a donut shape
  9. Use bobby pins around bun to secure
  10. Apply net to mould bun in to perfect shape
  11. Pull the pins out
  12. Squish the bun and reapply pins
  13. Apply hairspray and brush up/pin any fly aways